Why denim?

Because it is a natural and durable fabric
   heavy enough to have more in common with tent or sail making
   as a fabric, it is a pleasure to work with
   100% cotton material can last centuries

Because it’s blue
   the color of the heavens
   the color of Mary, Advent, hope and water
   considered a cool color, but the hottest part of the flame

Because no other fabric carries the same emotional connection
   denim is everywhere, the most common fabric in the world
   the fabric of cowboys and farmers, of protesters that brought down the Berlin wall
   nothing says freedom like a pair of denim bluejeans
   blue jeans bear our own personal histories
   symbol of the common people
   it is modest

Because it is conservative in the old, noble sense of the word
   it repurposes used blue jeans
   patchwork is recycling
      the ultimate in living simply and not wasting
      there are millions of used jeans in the world
         even the worst, most badly worn (grease be-smudged and paint splattered) still usually have good fabric on bottoms and backs of legs
Denim is simple and never goes out of style